Ultimate Supplement for Hooves – Hoof care for horses

A horse’s hooves are the foundation of everything they do. Their stability, security, and strength come from their secure ability to stand, walk, and run. Hoofgrow™ ensures a solid base on which everything else is built.

A horse’s hoof is more than a cosmetic nicety. It’s what keeps them active and going. It gives them the verve to run and enjoy their day. With Hoofgrow™, brittle and dry hooves become strong and durable. This lotion soaks deep to perform its healing strength to all parts of the horse’s hoof system. It’s grease-free for a safe, effective result.

Recommended for: Horses with thin nails, horses with brittle nails, horses facing energy issues

Available in: 1.2KG, 3KG, 5KG and 10KG


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