Equine Gold Paste – for nervous, hot or stressed horses

Horses can become stressed by environmental changes, training challenges, and temperature elevations. If your horse gets hot, anxious, or nervous, it can quickly impact their overall health. This happens to horses of all ages and dispositions. It occurs with racehorses and quiet farm animals.

Equine Gold Paste™ is the solution.

This feed supplement is easy to add to whatever your horse loves to eat. There are no needles or complicated regimens. Equine Gold Paste™  is a natural combination of Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, magnesium, and L. Tryptophan. The horse quickly settles from their anxiety and becomes able to better concentrate, focus, and relax.

Recommended for: Racehorses, nervous horses, horses in training

Available in: 3x 35g syringe pack, Individual 60g syringes 


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