Fitstables Equilyte Electrolyte Paste ONE Unit

Euuilfle Paste I

Fitstables Equilyte Electrolyte Paste

Equilyte electrolyte paste is a complementary feed for use in athletic horses to help replenish electrolytes lost during times of stress, sweating, travel or strenuous physical exercise.

Equilyte Electrolyte Paste should be administered at times of stress – eg during

a competition or strenuous physical exercise, or while travelling or in unfamiliar places. The paste form means that absorption begins almost instantly and continues for over an hour, supplying your horse with a reserve of new electrolytes, even as they are being lost through perspiration.

When to use:

At times of stress

For working horses

During prolonged events such as endurance To offset electrolyte loss during travelling Following all exercise and competition

Available in a 309 easy-dosing oral syringe


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