Premium Carron Oil™ Healthy digestive system, gut tract, and microbiome

Premium Carron Oil™

Every horse needs a healthy digestive system, gut tract, and microbiome. From the youngest foal to the oldest mare, a horse’s digestion maintains their health and vitality. Premium Carron Oil supplies the essential fatty acids to ensure a horse takes in high-quality nutrition from what they eat in order to maintain their immune system and energy levels.

Horses need to maintain a proper balance of feed levels and caloric intake. If a horse overeats due to digestive issues, it can lead to colonic issues and serious health problems. With Premium Carron Oil, every mouthful they ingest is processed at the optimal level for health and well-being.

Recommended for: Young horses, horses facing challenges, senior horses

Available in: 1L, 4.5L, 10L


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