nutritional management of digestive tract upsets In foals and horses

Stress affects horses of all shapes, ages, and conditions. There can be the stress of environment change, medication change, competition, or natural ageing. If a horse’s digestive system is not working properly, it impacts their muscles, immune system, neural systems, and more.

Digest Plus™ provides the solution.

Digest Plus™ can be used as a short-term solution to immediate problems with gastric distress or unusual droppings. It can be a supplement to horses with senior issues or who face ongoing stressful situations due to environment or travel.

A horse’s digestion is the foundation of their health. This prebiotic supplement helps ensure they get the protection and support they need.

Recommended for: Horses with digestive issues, older horses, horses facing stress

Available in: 3x35ml Syringes, 60ml Syringes 


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